Have an inherited property in India? Want to know where and how much?

It is common for NRIs to inherit land and property from parents or grandparents, and most often, NRIs rely on the verbal confirmation of other family members that these properties and/or inherited property belong to them or have been transferred in their name.

Do not be misled; make sure that the land register files are updated and ensure you are in possession of all land registry documents.

How to search for ancestral land in India?

  • Ancestral land may be spread out in some villages. You have to try to collect names of all the villages.
  • If the land records of the village can be found since 1920, you need to search land records from that date. Which means you should find names of the ancestors of that time. You need to discover names of your grandfather as well as your forefathers and when possible, find the names of their siblings too. Things will be simple for you, in case you could obtain old property documents from the older generation.
  • You can visit the patwari of the concerned village who keeps records of lands and usually have an idea of all properties and owners. Either he can give all details or use RTI to find the information you need.

We offer land and real estate search services in India such that these can be solved without the need for NRIs to travel to India. All we need is the location of the property or village name or family tree details.